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Live Long and Prosper, in Our Memories

Why am I so sad about Leonard Nimoy’s death? I didn’t know him – not in real life. Yet I loved Mr. Spock, who was the cool, logical person I knew I could never be. My life was t00 rattled … Continue reading

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God in Community

I’ve been thinking a lot about community. My Rabbi talked recently about how it is a defining part of our synagogue. About God in community. I feel that very strongly, but there are many members of our synagogue community who … Continue reading

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101 Dead Mothers and Other Tales for Children

101 Dead Mothers and Other Tales for Children. Stunning, stunning piece about talking to children about difficult issues.

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Originally posted on chainsofillusion:
The recent spate of actual or effective no-platforming incidents (most recently, Kate Smurthwaite’s effectual no-platforming by Goldsmith’s College) has brought into the public eye a cultural shift by which I am greatly worried. Political opinions –…

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