Cosby and Quaaludes

I’m all over this one. I knew that women were telling the truth. There were too many of them for it to be a hoax.

Screen-Shot-2014-11-11-at-2.01.22-PMBill Cosby is a molester. A rapist. A criminal – he should be put in jail. Now the truth seeps out about his dirty little (non) secret – he procured quaaludes from a doctor and drugged the women he wanted to have sex with. And then lied when accused. Had his lawyers and PR folks try to destroy the women who dared speak out. Tried to bully the press into silence. Bill Cosby – the comedian, the beloved “Cliff Huxtable” – say it ain’t so…

Only it is so. And it was so. And people conflated the man with the man he played on TV. Oh no…surely not Dr. Huxtable? It must be these whores – these women who want their 15 minutes of fame, their day in the news – who want to blackmail the delightful Dr.

Folks – I have shocking news. Dr. Huxtable IS A CHARACTER IN A TV SHOW. He’s a fiction. Cosby – he’s the man. He’s the reality. He’s the criminal.

I applaud these brave women, who have taken on power, money, and fame to try to get justice. To stop a rapist. They have been fighting a Sisyphean task. Finally, finally, finally, a judge put an end to Cosby’s holier-than-thou moralistic hypocrisy and unsealed the deposition that I hope will put an end to all doubt and show Cosby for the perpetrator that he is. I applaud that judge as well.

I keep repeating that we need to speak out. We need to be believed. We need to be protected by the law, instead of violated and re-traumatized by it. Only when all of us who have been violated can speak out without fear of our lives being ruined by lawyers, by thugs on social media, and by the judicial system, can we stop this outlandish scourge that impacts so many of us.

Speaking out. Because we have to.

Speaking out. Because we need to.x

Speaking out. To take back the power.

For ourselves.

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I'm a mother, a lawyer, a feminist, a writer, a potter, and an inveterate and unapologetic New Yorker. My book, Arms Akimbo: A Journey of Healing, tells of my journey of healing over a number of years, learning to live a full life after I was molested by my father at a very young age. I live in Maynard, MA, with my wife and and our two moose-cats, Samson and Hercules. My daughter used to live with me part-time, but she's all grown up now and in her junior year of college, which I can't quite fathom, since she was born about five minutes ago...
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3 Responses to Cosby and Quaaludes

  1. Yes, oh yes people do need to be reminded to SPEAK UP or they will turn out like me. An aging women who has sat on her pain for a life time (like the women who have come out about Cosby). So thanks for this message. Do it often. Vis-a-vis Cosby, you know for ever since I have seen him I have turned off the channel or tv every time I say his face, long long before all this came out I felt weird about him. I knew my instincts about him was right. xxoo 🙂 Louise

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