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Day 6: Believe (still running behind…)

Did you ever listen to the NPR five-minute broadcast called This I Believe? A different piece ran every Monday for four years, sadly ending in 2009. NPR re-instituted the concept, which was the brainchild of celebrated journalist Edward R. Murrow, … Continue reading

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Day 5: Accept (Better late than never)

I’m pretty good at accepting others, warts and all. My strong belief is that it’s best to meet people where they are. That nobody’s perfect. Any expectation that a person “should” be is ludicrous. Except, of course, when it comes … Continue reading

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#BlogElul 4: Understand

When I saw today’s theme, I was tempted to write: “See Day 3.” Because I kinda sorta wrote about understanding yesterday. (Silly me…didn’t look ahead.) But that would be the easy way out. And I’m not really known for that … Continue reading

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#BlogElul 3: Search

For much of my life, I have searched. For reasons. For answers. For relief. For a way out of this amorphous pain I felt. An unknown, and un-understood something. I had no idea what. Or whether. Or why. I knew … Continue reading

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#BlogElul 2: Act

Today was a day of action, after a rocky start. Recently, my days have been starting with inaction. Stopping before they start. Staying in bed, head buried in my pillow, willing myself not to move. These days, nothing feels better … Continue reading

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#BlogElul 1: Prepare

Today, I’m preparing to sell my house. That, in and of itself, is a Big Thing. In the world of a person with ADD, it’s a Huge Thing. And in the world of a person with a trauma history and … Continue reading

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