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Now It’s The Donald – Men in Power

What the hell is it about men in power? Do they lose their minds? Their morals? Any semblance of common decency? Are they unable to think except with their penises? Today’s focus in on The Donald. Trump, that is. And … Continue reading

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Cosby and Quaaludes

I’m all over this one. I knew that women were telling the truth. There were too many of them for it to be a hoax. Bill Cosby is a molester. A rapist. A criminal – he should be put in … Continue reading

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On Being Molested – Part 4

How did being molested at an early age change me, I wonder? Because I don’t know who I was, or who I was meant to be, or who I might have been. All that can never be discovered or retrieved, … Continue reading

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Where is God? Any God?

Maybe I feel things too deeply. Maybe things cut into my heart in a way that they don’t for others. Maybe I need medication to dull the piercing pain I am experiencing these days. Tonight I went to a wonderful, … Continue reading

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