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Love Your Body Day (O…M…G…)

Psst…today is love your body day! What? Love your body day! Love whose body? YOUR body! My WHAT? Your body…you know, the thing you’re walking around inside of. The vehicle that takes you everywhere, goes everywhere with you. Holds all … Continue reading

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Body and Soul

I have spent my life hating my body. Feeding it to stop the pain. Stuffing my mouth…to forget my father stuffing it. Eating won’t make it go away. Ignoring won’t make it go away. Numbing can’t make it go away. … Continue reading

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Where is God?

I am without God today. Devastatingly without God. Without hope. I stress today, because I know it will not be forever. It just feels like it. Just. Hah…just. What a silly minimization. Unjust, more like. The feeling overwhelms, threatens to … Continue reading

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No Body.

No Body. Not today. None that I want, anyway. No connection No stash of self-love No self-compassion. Just fear Blind fear The kind that makes you quake. Fears are feelings. Feelings aren’t facts. That’s what they say. Anyway… I don’t … Continue reading

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