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On Being Molested, Part 2

The aftershocks of being molested as a young child can feel unending.They can come fast and furious, or wait for months before the ground again gives way in an earthquake of epic proportions. They hit hard, and I fall hard. … Continue reading

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Burying the Ghosts of Trauma

As I have worked my way through the worst of my trauma – the debilitating, breath-stopping, function-sucking part – I have tried to buried my father’s ghost hundreds of times, with varying degrees of success. In retrospect, it amazes me … Continue reading

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Silent Night

Keep the children silent. Don’t disrupt the football team. Don’t taint the iconic coach. Don’t threaten the endowment fund. Men and power have spoken. Keep the women silent. Don’t bother the presidential candidate with accusations. Don’t speak of his possible … Continue reading

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