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The Great Snow Job – Day 3

  Another snow dump sleet and freezing rain to boot oh joy, oh rapture.   Time for a new series – nothing extreme, just a bit of frivolity to entice my muse’s return. Each night, I’ll post a haiku about … Continue reading

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The Last Mile – Day 8

Today is about joy. My mom found joy in so many things – having her family around her, cooking for her loved ones, eating an exquisite meal, munching on a Nathan’s hot dog, telling a good joke, teaching, finishing the … Continue reading

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Hey Muse! Where Are You?

Writing, expressing, speaking out, are my salvation. My way home. Sometimes, though, the muse takes a break. She must need it, with all that I demand–no…beg–of her. I find myself without words, without ideas, without my lifeblood. What to do? … Continue reading

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