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#blogElul 2017 – Day 7: Understand

I understand. I get it. I do.  Rage is my default emotion. A comfortable landing zone. An old friend. Recognizing isn’t enough. I can spot my sidekick in a nanosecond. Acceptance isn’t enough. My friend and I have shaken hands … Continue reading

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#BlogElul 19: Ask

              I have found that asking a question with intentionality with curiosity requires vulnerability.   Not a social nicety: How are you? How’s your day? What’s new? What’s for dinner?   A caring, open … Continue reading

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Grieving My Mother’s Death

Grief has walked beside me for much of my life.  I have grieved loss of childhood, loss of innocence, loss of trust, loss of intimacy, loss of hope, loss of confidence, loss of loss.  You name it, I’ve grieved it. … Continue reading

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