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Silent Night

Keep the children silent. Don’t disrupt the football team. Don’t taint the iconic coach. Don’t threaten the endowment fund. Men and power have spoken. Keep the women silent. Don’t bother the presidential candidate with accusations. Don’t speak of his possible … Continue reading

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I Have a Voice

Just like King George VI in “The King’s Speech,” I have a voice. And like George VI, it took me many years, and many false starts, to find it. Finding one’s voice, in the face of almost insurmountable odds, is … Continue reading

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RAGE RAGE RAGE: I hate abusers

I am in a towering rage today. I have been since last Thursday morning. A dear friend of mine called and told me that his daughter had been molested by her stepfather.  I know this child.  I love this child.  … Continue reading

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Colluding With Silence

Do you ever ponder why two words get stuck together in your head?  Conflated? Sometimes they’re tried and true ones (like that), fixed over time and by popular usage.  Tried and true.  Black and white (thinking).  Ham and eggs.  Zig … Continue reading

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